Consumer spending by Indian households grows as incomes rise



Consumer spending by Indian households grows as incomes rise

The survey of residents covered 2,62 thousand households across the country

In both rural and urban India, household consumer expenditure on goods and services has climbed dramatically over the past ten years, according to the Indian Ministry of Statistics’ recent survey. This is reported by
IANS, a partner of TV BRICS.

The research indicates that in rural India, per capita monthly household consumption grew by more than 40 per cent in 2022–2023 compared to the same period in 2011–2012.

India’s urban sector also had a noteworthy 33 per cent growth. Expenditures on food, gasoline, energy, medical services, transportation, and education are included in household consumption expenditures.

The source states that in 2022–2023, food accounted for almost 46 per cent of the average consumption of rural households, while urban households spent about 39 per cent of their monthly per capita expenditure on food.

The source further states that as people eat more pulses, milk, vegetables, fruits, eggs, and meat, the per capita consumption of cereals like rice and wheat has gradually decreased in both rural and urban India.





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