Department of Choreography at Russian Institute of Theatre Arts organises School of Classical Dance in Senegal



Department of Choreography at Russian Institute of Theatre Arts organises School of Classical Dance in Senegal

Three citizens of the country were recommended for admission to the university in the direction of “ballet master’s art”

A delegation from Russian Institute of Theatre Arts (GITIS) headed by the university’s rector Grigory Zaslavsky came to Dakar with a series of master classes in classical choreography. Professor of the Choreography Department Maksim Valukin, master’s student Tatiana Osipova, student of the workshop of Margarita Drozdova and Maksim Valukin Irina Averina and dancer Mikhail Portnov arrived in the Senegalese capital.

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“The second visit of GITIS to Senegal is very significant for us. It confirms the agreements reached last year between the university and the Grand Theatre of Senegal. For example, at the concert Russian dancers (master students and graduates of GITIS came to Dakar) performed fragments from the ballets “Swan Lake”, “Don Quixote”, “Laurencia”, which the Senegalese audience saw for the first time. My dream that GITIS would turn its face towards Africa seemed out of reach. It has happened, thank you all very much,” commented Slu Akimgereeva, a graduate of the ballet department of GITIS and Director of the Ballet Academy of the Grand Theatre of Senegal.

The central event of the school was a concert of the ballet faculty of GITIS at the Grand Theatre of Senegal. The event was organised by the theatre itself and the cultural centre “Kalinka”. Masters and students of the Russian university, as well as students of the ballet academy of the Grand Theatre of Senegal took to the stage. In the GITIS number from the ballet “Swan Lake,” the youngest students of the academy stood in the positions of the corps de ballet.

“For me, one of the wonderful and pleasing outcomes was that there was a full house in the hall. An hour before the concert, a large queue for tickets gathered in front of the theatre. This can’t fail to please. Among the audience were representatives of foreign embassies, who greeted our guys with applause. It was a success. These days in Dakar there are GITIS masterclasses in classical choreography. I met with the guys who are going to enter GITIS to study ballet at the ballet department. They are waiting to come to Moscow, and I hope that everything will work out”

Grigory Zaslavsky Rector of GITIS

The GITIS school in Senegal is held under the Priority 2030 strategic academic leadership programme.





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