Saudi Arabia’s capital gets ready to host World Economic Forum gathering



Saudi Arabia’s capital gets ready to host World Economic Forum gathering

Riyadh prepares for a special World Economic Forum meeting that is scheduled to occur on April 28 and 29

The International Organisation for Public-Private Cooperation is known as the World Economic Forum. It offers a worldwide, unbiased and nonprofit platform for meaningful connections amongst stakeholders to develop projects for collaboration and to foster trust. This is reported by
Arab News.

The mission of the Forum is to promote advancements in the systemic problems required to handle the main international challenges.

Under the subject “Global Collaboration, Growth, and Energy for Development”, participants, including heads of state and senior executives from the public and private sectors are expected to discuss a range of issues and trends in the global economy.

Finding answers to numerous worldwide issues relating to the environment, the economy, and humanitarian problems is the meeting’s main goal. In addition to the main event, Kingdom will host exhibitions and other events to highlight the most recent developments and trends in a variety of disciplines, including sustainability, innovation, and culture.

Officials claim that the choice to have the special conference in Riyadh is a testament to Saudi Arabia and the WEF’s tight collaboration.





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