Deputy Foreign Ministers of India and Russia meet in New Delhi



Deputy Foreign Ministers of India and Russia meet in New Delhi

Developing co-operation with Russia is one of India’s priorities in the international arena

On Monday, 13 November, India’s Foreign Secretary Minister Vinay Kwatra co-chaired an India-Russia meeting at the line ministry in New Delhi. This is reported by
ANI, a partner of the TV BRICS.

During the meeting, the Russian delegation, headed by Deputy Foreign Minister Andrey Rudenko, engaged in comprehensive discussions with the representatives of the other side, focusing on various important bilateral matters.

The high-ranking officials conducted a thorough review of political, commercial, economic, energy, communication, defense, and consular affairs.

India considers Russia as a trusted and enduring ally, with fostering bilateral relations being an integral part of India’s foreign policy.

Since the endorsement of the India-Russia Declaration of Strategic Partnership in October 2000, the alliance between the two nations has experienced significant progress and has evolved into a distinctly unique partnership.

This is evidenced by the increasing level of co-operation in virtually all areas of bilateral relations, including politics, trade and economy, science and technology, and culture.





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