Russia plans to land its cosmonauts on the Moon in the next decade



Russia plans to land its cosmonauts on the Moon in the next decade

It is planned to send Russian cosmonauts to the Moon between 2031 and 2040

According to Chief Designer and Deputy Director General of the Korolev Rocket and Space Corporation Vladimir Solovyov, roadmap presented at a conference on manned spaceflight on Wednesday, the deployment of the lunar base will be carried out in the specified years. This is reported by
Prensa Latina, a partner of TV BRICS.

The document notes that manned expeditions, including the first lunar landing, as well as geological studies are planned for the current phase of lunar development.

Construction of a lunar base is planned for the period from 2041 to 2050. “The roadmap also emphasises Russia’s priority on the Moon during the said period.

In addition, Moscow plans to start extracting and using water and oxygen on the Moon by 2041-2050. Production technologies from local resources will be developed.

Experimental mining equipment, as well as drilling and earth-moving equipment on the Moon will be used for this purpose.

The programme also envisages the use of lunar resources for space exploration after 2050, including the extraction of rare earth elements and the provision of deep space missions.

In this connection, Russia is considering the possibility of creating complexes on the Moon for the production and storage of fuel components, orbital assembly complexes and systems for the extraction of rare-earth elements.

Previously, the Soviet Union planned to establish a network of manned bases and conduct scientific experiments on the Moon in 1970-1980, and also envisaged the possibility of cosmonauts staying on the Moon for 15-20 days. However, most of the programme’s plans were not implemented. Russia resumed the lunar programme in 2021.





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