My India by ANI

My India by ANI is a series of episodes published weekly, showcasing various sectors of India. ANI is a partner of TV BRICS and DepiMedia.


Episode 761: Ramayana-Durga Puja

DepiMedia™Oct 30, 2023456

Ramlila, a dramatic folk enactment of the Hindu epic Ramayana, is deeply rooted in India’s rich culture and…

Episode 760: Dance-drama festival “Gawari Nritya”

DepiMedia™Oct 25, 2023159

Traveling through villages wearing exotic, vibrant attire, the Gawari dance performers express their age-old folklore through singing and…

Episode 759: The Saura Art

DepiMedia™Oct 20, 2023122

Odisha has a rich tribal culture. Sauras are one of the state’s oldest tribes…Saura painting is a style of wall mural paintings associated with the Saura tribals. The Odisha government for the first d time organised a camp to promote Saura paintings all over.…

Episode 758: Mission to Uplift Women

DepiMedia™Oct 20, 202382

India’s mission to uplift its women in diverse domains, from politics to sports, education to entertainment, and business, has hit full throttle. In a huge development, the Indian government has pulled out all the stops by greenlighting a bill that grants women a…

Episode 757: Lord Ganesha

DepiMedia™Oct 20, 2023190

India, a land with a rich fusion of ancient floral culture, has preserved its centuries-old tradition of maintaining the cultural fabric of society. Embracing these ethoss, India recently welcomed Lord Ganapati in an eco-conscious manner. Today, in our show, we’ll take you on a tour of states to…

Episode 755: Lord Shri Krishna’s Birthday

DepiMedia™Oct 30, 2023433

Janmashtami is the birthday of the most beloved god, Shri Krishna. Among Hindus, it is the occasion for the magnificent celebrations. The followers of Lord Shri Krishna observe fast and honour the lord by organising bhajan-kirtans on this day. The celebrations run for the whole day and the…

Episode 749: Shree Durga Temple

DepiMedia™Oct 20, 202380

The city of Amritsar in India is the home to the world’s most sacred pilgrimage site among the Sikh community – the Golden Temple. Shree Durgiana temple in Amritsar – although it’s a center for Hinduism – it draws a stark similarity with Golden Temple. Revered among Punjabi Hindus…