Energy storage battery system unveiled in South Africa



Energy storage battery system unveiled in South Africa

South Africa’s state-owned electricity supplier has launched the largest energy storage system on the African continent⁠

Construction of the Eskom Hex Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) began in July 2022. Sixteen months later, the system is complete and fully operational. The project, located in the Western Cape, is expected to solve the country’s electricity supply problem. This is reported by
CCTV+, a partner of TV BRICS.

The installation is expected to reduce the load on the country’s power grid. The battery energy storage system is a versatile solution to improve the overall performance of the power grid and is in line with South Africa’s drive towards a green energy transition. It is capable of storing 100 MWh of energy, enough to power a small town for five hours.

The state-owned company’s ambitious generation recovery plan, combined with the BESS project, aims to achieve an energy availability ratio of 70 per cent by early 2025.





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