First G20 preparatory meeting begins this week



First G20 preparatory meeting begins this week

On the 10th and 11th of January, Brazil will hold the first G20 summit preparatory meeting of the year

The country currently holds the presidency of the group of 20 of the world’s largest economies. The first meeting will focus on the Working Group (WG) on Women’s Empowerment.

The WG is made up of representatives of member governments, as well as invited countries and international organisations. This is reported by
Brasil247, a partner of TV BRICS.

The meetings cover all fifteen working groups that deal with topics such as anti-corruption, energy transformation, culture, education, labour, tourism, health, climate and environmental sustainability, agriculture, digital economy, women’s empowerment, development, research and innovations.

In the second phase, technical and face-to-face meetings will be held from March to June in different cities and regions of Brazil.

In the third phase, face-to-face ministerial meetings will be held from August up to October.

According to the calendar published by the Brazilian government, more than 120 events will be held in various cities throughout the year before the summit. The schedule includes 93 technical meetings, 26 videoconferences, 10 meetings of deputy ministers and 23 ministerial meetings.





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