First International Buddhist Forum to be held in Ulan-Ude on 17-19 August

“Traditional Buddhism and Modern Challenges” is the title of the first International Buddhist Forum. It will be held in the capital of Buryatia on 17-19 August. The Government of the Republic of Buryatia, as well as the Buddhist Traditional Sangha of Russia, and the Foundation for the Support of Buddhist Education and Research with the support of the Roscongress Foundation acted as organizers.

At a press conference held in the Russian capital, Alexei Tsydenov, Head of the Government of the Republic of Buryatia, said that Buddhism as a religion acts as a bridge for all states practicing it. That is why representatives of Sri Lanka, India, Laos, China, Nepal, Mongolia, and other countries will come to the forum.

Among the guests of the upcoming event are officials, representatives of Buddhist educational institutions, clergy, public and scientific institutions and organizations, followers of Buddhism, and simply interested people.

The Head of Buryatia emphasized that such a broad representation will allow us to fully disclose and discuss the whole range of issues related to this ancient religion.

The discussion will feature the topic of the development of Buddhism the preservation of Buddhist culture, philosophy, and practice, as well as the creation of a new relevant platform for international dialogue. The Forum focuses on the developing scholarly, educational, and cultural cooperation between countries where Buddhism is a traditional religion, and between the Buddhist organizations of different parts of the world.

“The forum will be attended by major scientists from scientific centers in Moscow, St. Petersburg, the Republic of Buryatia, Tuva, Kalmykia and the Far East. The main task is to illuminate Buddhism from the most different aspects. We are preparing more than 40 different speeches: there will be a section devoted to Buddhist medicine, the role of Russian Buddhism in the international context, Buddhism in scientific research, translation of Buddhist texts”

Alexey Maslov
President of the Foundation for Assistance to Buddhist Education and Research

Dymbryl Dashibaldanov, rector of the Buddhist University «Dashi Choinkhorling» named after D.D. Zayayev, noted that the event will contribute to the formation of interstate and intercultural ties and the development of cooperation for all those who profess Buddhism.
“We want to hear the opinions of Buddhists from different countries, their views on the philosophy, and peculiarities of interpretations of Buddhist teachings. Our task is to discuss the understanding of Buddhism and the application of Buddhist methods in the modern world, to share experiences. We expect an equal conversation between Buddhists from different countries,” he said.
At the end of the forum, the participants plan to adopt a resolution with special attention to Buddhist education.

Photo:  International Buddhist Forum

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