First Lady of Zimbabwe launches business training programme for low-income communities



First Lady of Zimbabwe launches business training programme for low-income communities

The Zimbabwe Ореn University (ZOU)/Angel of Норе Foundation partnership is enabling to enroll for short courses for free

Mother of the nation First Lady Dr Auxillia Mnangagwa enrolled 2 000 widows, widowers, the disabled and those with albinism drawn from Harare province, in a detergent and petroleum jelly-making course through her trailblasing Angel of Hope Foundation.

After the training, which included both theoretical and practical sessions, Amai Mnangagwa handed them starter packs to immediately start implementing projects in groups in their constituencies, as reported by
The Herald.

Each constituency also received dressed chickens from the First Lady which the groups will feed on while producing detergents. They also received seeds of different types of vegetables for Horticulture4She and food packs that contained cooking oil, rice, sugar and flour.

They are grateful to Amai Mnangagwa who said nothing is as satisfying and fulfilling as being able to earn a living with your hands.

The groups gathered at Belvedere Technical Teachers College where they were trained because of the First Lady’s love and commitment to providing decent education to children across the country. She also emphasised the need for peace, love and harmony.

“I offered you projects to make you self-reliant. I brought Agric4She programme for you to produce vegetables, tomatoes, onions. I brought seeds, fertilisers and chemicals so that you can have high yields for household food security and surplus to sell to the Grain Marketing Board (GMB). For the projects, I have brought you washing powder and Vaseline and I encourage you to work in groups so that you maximise production and profit. I want you to have income,” she said.

She added that he Zimbabwe Ореn University (ZOU)/Angel of Норе Foundation partnership allows free enrolment in short courses to learn how to run a business based on financial literacy and financial discipline. This will enable the projects to flourish and thrive. 

Permanent Secretary for Harare Metropolitan Province Dr Tafadzwa Muguti praised the First Lady for her educative programmes.

Photo: The Herald 




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