First National Association of Spanish Teachers opens in India



First National Association of Spanish Teachers opens in India

There is a growing interest in learning the language in the country

The initiative aims to spread the Spanish language and promote the culture of Spanish-speaking countries throughout India. This is reported by
Prensa Latina, a partner of TV BRICS.

For this, embassies, universities, institutes, and colleges are making concerted efforts.

According to the source, the rise in high demand for Spanish language experts in India is already being felt due to the desire for professional training among citizens and the growing taste for Spanish-speaking culture.

Prior to this, experts tressed that Spanish is the language of the community rather than the nation. With this in mind, he expressed gratitude to his colleagues from Latin American nations for their support and collaboration on this project.

Experts claimed that the language contributes to the stability of relations with a community of countries united by ties of history, political, and commercial initiatives, among other ties.





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