GITIS held masterclasses in Japan



GITIS held masterclasses in Japan

The classes on dance teaching methodology were attended by teachers from all over Japan

The Russian Institute of Theatre Arts (GITIS), a partner of TV BRICS, and the The Dance Science Academy of Japan held joint master classes and classes on dance teaching methodology. Within the framework of the cooperation agreement between the Institute and the Academy, Elena Andrienko, Associate Professor of the Choreography Department of GITIS, Honoured Artist of Russia, was invited to Japan to conduct lessons and master classes for students of the Academy and teachers from various schools of the country.

Elena Andrienko’s presence and the interest of masterclass participants testify to the priority of Russian choreographic education in the global ballet community.

“In Japan there are a number of private educational institutions – studios, schools teaching choreography, but they have no systematic teaching and no opportunity to receive higher education in the field of choreographic art, as we have at GITIS,” said Elena Andrienko.

Masterclasses were held for very young students of the academy who are just starting their way in ballet.

All participants of the master classes received certificates of advanced training on the Russian system of teaching in choreographic educational institutions. Elena Andrienko emphasised that the participants appreciated the complexity of the load and the construction of combinations. They also tried to perform Vera Kostrovitskaya’s exercises, which allowed them to understand even more deeply the complexity of the Russian system of dance training.

Andrey Kruzhalov, Dean of the Ballet Master faculty of GITIS, took part in the organisation of the event and the development of the topics of Elena Andrienko’s master classes in Japan. He noted that the master classes were a bright event for ballet masters of the Land of the Rising Sun and expressed his hope for further co-operation between Russia and Japan in the sphere of choreographic education, which contributes to further strengthening of cultural relations between the two countries.

The event was held as part of the Priority 2030 strategic academic leadership programme.

In 2022, TV BRICS signed a
cooperation agreement with the Russian Institute of Theatre Art – GITIS.

The parties are implementing joint information projects that contribute to strengthening the positions of the BRICS+ countries in the field of culture and art in the international space.

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