Indian student at the World Youth Festival tells how to counter cybersecurity threats



Indian student at World Youth Festival tells how to counter cybersecurity threats

The finalist of the International Financial Security Olympiad gave an exclusive interview to Rosfinmonitoring

Gupta Kunal is a law student from India and a finalist of the III International Financial Security Olympiad. On 4 October last year, in the last week of the Olympiad (Sirius Federal Territory), he participated in a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin and asked him a question. Gupta is now at the World Youth Festival in support of the international Olympiad movement and to attend the launch of the International Financial Security Olympiad.

In an exclusive interview with Rosfinmonitoring (The Federal Financial Monitoring Service), he spoke about his interests and achievements in cyber security.

You are a finalist of the International Financial Security Olympiad, can you tell us about your experience of participating in the Olympiad?

This is my third time in Sochi. I have been a finalist at the International Financial Security Olympiad twice: first in 2022 and second in 2023. I have also been the gold medalist of that and the most active participant last year. I’ve also got the chance to speak to the President of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. All these events are useful and interesting experiences for me.

What impressions did you have from your conversation with Vladimir Putin?

My question was related to cyber security and how international co-operation can be established to counter cyber threats.

The President replied that Russia and India have good relations and the countries are addressing the issue through international co-operation.

Was your dialogue a memorable event of the Olympics?

Absolutely. I think it was a great opportunity for me and a memorable experience.

What results of participation in the Olympiad can you emphasise? Did it become a catalyst for ideas?

Yes, it did. It and the fact that I interacted with many people here. Later, I formulated some proposals for the UPI payment system that is being used in India. Now I am associated with this cashless payment project and have presented my idea in Russia and in India.

Finally we started working on this and now France and other countries are also accepting payments in the Indian UPI system. This has helped me a lot. I am now looking at financial law as my professional direction.

Do you plan to continue building your career in financial security?

Yes. It will always be a part of my journey. I am a law student, actively studying financial law and financial security.

What do you think about the role of youth in enhancing financial security?

I believe that young people are the most active participants in the processes of financial security. If they have a good knowledge of how banks work, online transactions, they will be able to bring this information to all other generations.

What area of financial security are you most interested in?

I believe that financial risks and other cybersecurity threats can only be addressed through international co-operation, so I focus on international law.

Do you plan to return to Russia? Maybe you are thinking of taking part in the Financial Security Olympiad or festivals like this one?

Undoubtedly. I was interested in the possibility of studying at RUDN in Moscow, so I might choose to pursue a career here. I like Russia, and I will definitely come again and again.

The International Financial Security Olympiad brought together representatives of 19 countries, including finalists of regional Olympiads, employees of financial intelligence units, and experts in the anti-money laundering track. At the presentation of this event during the World Youth Festival, the speakers were Alina Mishina and Ivan Anisimov, experts from Rosfinmonitoring, Oleg Ivanov, First Deputy Director General of the ITMCFM, and Mikhail Katsarsky, Vice-Rector for Student Affairs at the RUDN University. The aim of the discussion was to introduce the initiatives of young people to develop the Olympiad movement.

The guests of the festival shared their ideas and projects aimed at expanding the geography of participants, as well as attracting young specialists.

“For three years the number of countries participating in the International Olympiad on Financial Security has increased from 7 to 19. This year we expect already about 30 countries, including BRICS, CIS, Africa, Middle East and South-East Asia,” said State Secretary, Deputy Director of Rosfinmonitoring German Neglyad.

“The tendency in Tajikistan is that some criminals resort to new technologies and offer financial “opportunities”. People think they will get some kind of benefit, but unfortunately they are more often deceived. You need to know the modern options for keeping your money safe from scammers, particularly on the internet. I advise everyone to start learning the basic rules of financial security, as well as to participate in the International Olympiad on Financial Security,” said Faromuz Rakhmonzoda, Chairperson of the Youth Council of the National Bank of Tajikistan.

Photo: screenshot of a video provided by Rosfinmonitoring




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