UAE launches National Campaign for Cybersecurity



UAE launches National Campaign for Cybersecurity

UAE educates citizens on cyber security and how to protect themselves from threats in online space

The campaign urges caution against becoming a victim of phishing and scams that use technology to trick users and compromise their personal information and data.

“The National Campaign for Cybersecurity” implements UAE government directives that call for a safe digital environment for citizens and raise awareness of cyber threats and methods to protect against them.

The Chairman of the UAE Cybersecurity Council Mohammed Hamad Al Kuwaiti emphasised that The National Campaign for Cybersecurity Campaign comes in light of the rise in cyber threats. It reaffirms the UAE government’s commitment to ensuring a secure digital environment for all residents. This is reported by
Emirates News Agency WAM.

The campaign seeks to collaborate with the world by sharing experiences and best practices. This reflects the realisation of the importance of international cooperation and information sharing in the field of cybersecurity to ensure a secure digital environment for all.





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