Kazakhstan hosts Three hundred Kazakh fairy tales



Embassy of Kazakhstan in Moscow hosts the presentation of the book “Three hundred Kazakh fairy tales”, published within the framework of the humanitarian project of Ivan Polyakov

This edition of Kazakh fairy tales is published in 3000 copies

The presentation of the book “Three hundred Kazakh fairy tales” took place at the Embassy of Kazakhstan in Moscow. The two-volume edition includes Kazakh folk tales that were collected, translated and published in Russian in various editions in the XIX – first half of the XX century. The two-volume book gives a vivid and quite complete picture of Kazakh folklore, its literary and genre peculiarities. The book features illustrations by artists Aigerim Valikhanova (Kazakhstan) and Ksenia Burkova (Russia).

Project initiator Ivan Polyakov said the book was inspired by former Kazakhstani Ambassador to Russia Yermek Kosherbayev. Polyakov also noted that this publication will contribute to deepening mutual understanding between the peoples of the neighbouring countries.

Kazakhstan’s Ambassador to Russia Dauren Abayev believes that “Three hundred Kazakh fairy tales” is not just a book embodying the rich culture of the Kazakh people.

“This is a wonderful opportunity to introduce our children to Kazakh culture. And if you know the culture, everyday life, it always brings people closer together. I think this publication will serve to further bring our peoples closer together.”

Oleg Zimarin, director and editor-in-chief of “Ves Mir” publishing house, shared how the work on this edition began. He noted that a year and a half passed from the moment this project appeared to the presentation of the book.

“Of course, it was based on previous editions, including the academic edition of the Kazan Academy of Sciences in 1950-1960. There were other editions as well. In principle, the tales that were included in this two-volume book are available on the Internet in different versions. The peculiarity of our edition is that it has an original composition, careful editing, very accurate and verified treatment of the text, an interesting and original series of illustrations by two artists, Aigerim Valikhanova and Ksenia Burkova. They immerse readers in the world of fairy tales as they see it themselves. This is a very interesting experience. It seems to me that such a high-quality edition of Kazakh fairy tales has not been published for a long time”.

The book was published in 3000 copies. The publication was prepared on the initiative of the former Ambassador of Kazakhstan to Russia Ermek Kosherbayev and the humanitarian project of Ivan Polyakov with the support of the Interstate Development Corporation.





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