Sri Lanka launches visa pilot project



Sri Lanka launches visa pilot project

Free visas to Sri Lanka will be available to tourists from 7 more countries

Sri Lanka is launching a pilot project to issue free visas to seven countries, among them, India, Russia and China. As part of this project, Sri Lanka is offering to issue free visas to citizens of these countries until March 31, 2024. Apart from the above countries, Malaysia, Japan, Indonesia and Thailand are also included. This decision was approved by the Sri Lankan Cabinet.

Thus, foreign citizens of these countries are not exempt from the need to obtain a visa, it simply becomes free. The visa application procedure remains the same – upon arrival at the airport, tourists fill out a special form or receive an electronic visa online.

As emphasised by the Minister of Tourism and Lands Harin Fernando, Sri Lanka intends to abolish visa fees for tourists from China, Russia, India, Thailand and Indonesia. Travelers from these countries will be required to obtain a visa when visiting the island, but there will be no fee for this, he said.

This project will attract more tourists to the country, which will have a positive impact on the country’s economy.

Previously, obtaining a visa cost $50 when submitting an application on a special website. In addition, the document can be obtained upon arrival on the island. If a tourist applied for a visa at the airport, a fee of $60 was charged.

According to the Minister of Tourism of Sri Lanka, Harin Fernando, the abolition of the visa fee will increase the flow of tourists into the country, which will have a positive impact on the local economic situation. Authorities hope that up to 5 million people a year will visit the island in the next few years. As reported by
ANI, a partner of TV BRICS.





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