Lula approved Brazil’s 2024 annual budget law



Lula approved Brazil’s 2024 annual budget law

The government will allocate more than $600 billion for the execution of public policies

Financial resources have been allocated to public policies on health, education and the Bolsa Família programme, totalling more than $600 billion (about $121 billion).

The minimum wage will be $1,412 (US$282), a three per cent increase over last year’s level. This is reported by
Prensa Latina, a partner of TV BRICS.

Education spending of 208 billion reais ($41 billion) and health spending of 231 billion reais ($46 million) are also planned.

During the approval ceremony of the 2024 budget, Brazil’s Minister of Planning and Budget, Simone Tebet, confirmed that this is one of the most democratic budgets ever adopted in Brazil. The Minister explained that this result was achieved due to the joint effort of the Brazilian people determining their preferences for the next four years through discussions and voting on priority programmes.





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