Iran is ready to help Cuba with ICT development



Iran is ready to help Cuba with ICT development

Expansion of communication networks and e-governance are top priorities for co-operation between the two countries

Iranian companies are ready to enter the Cuban market and transfer their expertise in the field of information and communication technologies, the country’s Minister of Communications and Information Technology Issa Zarepour said.

He made the announcement at a meeting with Cuba’s First Deputy Minister of Communications Wilfredo Gonzalez Vidal in Tehran. This is reported by Tehran Times.

“It is important for Havana to develop strategic relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran in all fields,” the Cuban official said.

Highlighting Tehran’s expertise and capabilities in ICT-related fields, Wilfredo Gonzalez Vidal said that strengthening cooperation between the two countries is of great importance. “Cuba is looking forward to the presence of Iranian companies in the country to develop information and communication technologies,” he admitted.

Vidal said that as the ICT industry has a special place in the country’s 2030 sustainable development programme, expansion of communication networks and e-governance are the top priorities for cooperation.

Speaking about the capabilities of Iranian companies in the ICT sector, Zarepour, for his part, stressed that they are ready to cooperate with Cuba in various fields such as developing communication infrastructure, launching various platforms and implementing optical fibre projects.

The companies can also help Cuba with the transition of communication network from the second and third generation to the fourth generation and even laying the foundation for the transition to the fifth generation, the minister added.

In addition, Iran and Cuba announced their willingness to exchange knowledge and expertise in the field of e-governance and related fields. This agreement was reached after the signing of a memorandum of understanding in June and after the subsequent signing of a joint action plan between the two countries.

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