Lula da Silva plans to create a Ministry of Public Security



Lula da Silva plans to create a Ministry of Public Security

At the moment, the department is integrated into the Ministry of Justice under the command of Flavio Dino

Brazilian President Lula da Silva has confirmed that he is considering splitting the portfolio, which is headed by the country’s Justice Minister Flavio Dino. During the election campaign, the president considered the possibility of separating the Department of Justice from the Department of Public Security, as reported by
Brasil 247, a partner of TV BRICS.

“During the election campaign, the idea was born to create a Ministry of Public Security. This idea is still alive, and it is worth deciding what conditions are needed for its implementation. It is necessary that this instance supports the national security of the entire federal Republic,” the President said.

Lula da Silva also stressed that the federal Government will support the Government of Rio de Janeiro in the fight against organized crime, natural disasters and drug trafficking.

“The problem of violence in Rio de Janeiro eventually becomes a problem not only for one state, but for the whole of Brazil. Floods in the states of Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina, Parana, fires in the Amazon, droughts in the states of Para, Acri, Amapa, Roraima – these are the issues that need to be addressed nationwide. […] I have already spoken with the Governor of Rio de Janeiro, Claudio Castro. I spoke with Flavio Dino and I’m going to discuss these issues with the Minister of Defense. It is necessary to fight organized crime, illegal drug trafficking and weapons,” the President believes.





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