Networking a key factor in promoting Zimbabwe



Networking is identified as a key factor in promoting Zimbabwe on the global stage

Harare establishes the Zimbabwe Association of Business Communicators⁠

Networking has been recognized as an essential component in promoting the identity of Zimbabwe, both domestically and internationally. In today’s rapidly changing and globally interconnected landscape, effective communication is recognized as the linchpin for fostering growth, innovation, and sustainable development.

In an effort to complement the government’s initiatives in promoting Brand Zimbabwe, the Marketers Association of Zimbabwe recently launched the Zimbabwe Association of Business Communicators (ZABC) in Harare, as reported by
ZBC News, a partner of TV BRICS.

Patricia Murambinda, Chairperson of ZABC’s Board, emphasized the importance of collaboration, knowledge exchange, and continuous learning in shaping the future of business communication in Zimbabwe, thereby making a lasting impact on the organisation’s success and the nation’s prosperity.

Angela Machonesa Rusike, a member of ZABC’s Board, highlighted her extensive experience gained from working with Non-Governmental Organizations over a 15-year period, expressing her belief that the establishment of ZABC signifies collective efforts to elevate the standards of business communication in Zimbabwe. She emphasized the need for sharing ideas and expanding professional networks.

Dr. Jenfan Muswere, the Minister of Information, Publicity, and Broadcasting Services and the guest of honor at the event, emphasized the significance of networking and a shared sense of purpose in marketing Brand Zimbabwe. He expressed the belief that ZABC would provide opportunities to promote the country, particularly in the context of continental free trade.

Dr. Muswere encouraged communicators to authentically convey Zimbabwe’s story to the world and stressed that Zimbabwe’s brand should be the primary focus of their efforts.

The launch event also served as an occasion for ZABC to select board members who will guide the organisation for the next two years.

The association’s primary mission is to foster networking among marketers, corporate communicators, and public affairs practitioners, further strengthening the bonds within the business community and other key stakeholders for the betterment of the nation.

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