Russia resumes crude oil exports to Brazil



Russia resumes crude oil exports to Brazil

The largest shipment since 2010 was made after a two-year hiatus

Russia has resumed crude oil shipments to Brazil after a two-year hiatus, customs data of the Eurasian country and the South American giant show, as reported by Sputnik.

Oil exports between Russia and Brazil remain an important aspect of their economic relations. In September this year, a significant Russian oil shipment to Brazil was recorded, amounting to 84.4 thousand tonnes with a total value of $48 million.

This marks the most substantial shipment since June 2010 when Brazil received 117.8 thousand tonnes of Russian oil. It also signifies the first such transaction since August 2021 when Brazil imported 42.1 thousand tonnes of oil worth $16.6 million from Russia, its Latin American counterpart.

As for oil products, Russian exports to Brazil in September fell by 22 percent compared to the previous month in volume terms, to 717.3 thousand tonnes, and by 13 percent in value terms, to 593.8 million US dollars.

This year the two countries celebrate 195 years since the establishment of diplomatic relations. At present, Russian-Brazilian relations have the character of a strategic partnership.

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