Personal data protection law is approved in Ethiopia



Personal data protection law is approved in Ethiopia

The Ethiopian House of People’s Representatives debated and ratified the Personal Data Protection Proclamation by a majority vote

During the 20th regular session, Ethiopia’s Standing Committee on Human Resource Development, Employment and Technological Affairs noted that the proclamation plays an important role in establishing a robust personal data protection system by appointing a supervisory authority.

The draft proclamation defines the duties and responsibilities of entities processing personal data as well as the procedures for ensuring them.

The proposal was made due to the growing importance of information collection and the increasing role of information processing in the delivery of digital services for socio-economic development. This is reported by
Prensa Latina, a partner of TV BRICS.

In this regard, the Committee noted the need to adopt a relevant decree to regulate the infringements of personal data rights during their collection and processing.

The legislation will contribute to the development of a culture of protecting people’s privacy and managing personal data.





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