Russian chess players became the best at the SCO tournament



Russian chess players became the best at the SCO tournament

Daniil Dubov, Maxim Matlakov and Anastasia Bodnaruk played for the Russian team

The Russian national team won the SCO chess tournament that ended the previous day. The sporting event was held in Qingdao, China.

The team consisted of Daniil Dubov, Maxim Matlakov and Anastasia Bodnaruk. The coach is Alexander Ryazantsev. This is reported
by the official website of the Russian Chess Federation (RCF).

The teams of Iran, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, China (three teams), Mongolia, Nepal, Russia and Tajikistan played in the tournament on a round robin system. On the last day, the chess players from the Russian Federation won all four matches and became the winners of the tournament with 17 match points. The Chinese first team was 1 match point behind the Russians.

“For the first time in history there was a SCO tournament, which in essence can be called the equivalent of the World Cup. <…> We are very proud of such a historic victory, especially since it was won in China, where the ‘hosts of the field’ were represented by three teams, and one of them played a former world champion,” said Andrei Filatov, President of the SCOF.

The third-fourth places were shared by the national teams of Mongolia and Iran, with the Mongolian chess players coming third on additional indicators.

Iran is a potential member of BRICS. The country received an invitation to join the group from 1 January 2024.





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