Russian short film won several awards at the New York Film festival



Russian short film won several awards at the New York Film festival

Shooting of the film “New Mother” started in autumn 2018 and lasted 6 months

At the FFTG Awards Film Festival in New York (USA), the short film “New Mother” (12+) by Russian director Alexander Kuzovkov was conferred three awards. The event was held online.

The script was based on Valery Ronshin’s story about a little pioneer girl Marusa, whose parents no longer understand each other. The comedy tells about the feelings of a child. In the main roles starred Sonya Schmit, Vasily Kondrashin, Maria Dolganeva, and the supporting role went to the famous artist and gallery owner Dmitry Virzhe.

In the USA the film “New Mother” won in three nominations: “Best Debut Film”, “Best Short Film of the Festival”, and also the performer of the main role Sonya Shmit became the best child actor. The director noted that it is easy to work with children, the main thing is not to make mistakes at the selection stage.

The film has already won several awards, including Best Film at the monthly Short to the point festival in Romania, Best in a Short Film at the 12th Balneario Camboriu International Film Festival (FICBC) and VOTE TO FILM. This is reported by 
Omsk Zdes, a partner of TV BRICS.

The FFTG Awards Film Festival is an annual international event that offers independent filmmakers a platform to showcase and promote their works. The best film of the festival is determined by the number of votes received during the competition week, regardless of its length or category.





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