Russian university creates cybercat to teach robotics



Russian university creates cybercat to teach robotics

The constructor is controlled by an app

A team of students from Omsk State Polytechnic University, (a partner of TV BRICS) led by Alexander Tignibidin presented a development for teaching robotics and programming. A mobile application was also created to control the constructor.

Cybercat MechMeow is a user-assembled robotic cat that can move on four paws on uneven terrain while maintaining balance. Thanks to a distance sensor, the cat can interact with the user and respond to commands.

The constructor is simple and cheap to manufacture, which also simplifies the replacement of parts in case of breakage: it consists of wooden parts cut with the help of laser, and the electronic components and servos used are the most common. This makes it easy to replace them in case of breakage.

The robot can be controlled via an app, where it is possible both to use ready-made scenarios and to create your own. For example, you can cure a cat by telling the child the stages of caring for real animals, use the robot to ask adults to buy something, show moves for dancing during parties or come up with your own. Bloggers can film it in their stories, and parents and children can spend time together making accessories and clothes for the pet.

The builder can be used for both learning and robotics competitions.

“Our robot has four legs, a movable tail for balance. Its turns and head tilt must be co-ordinated and adapt to its surroundings. This is the most difficult moment in the development of the constructor, and it is the most capacious stage of creation. The task of the competitors is to create such an algorithm that will ensure the robot’s passage along the competition route with the given conditions”, said Alexander Tignibidin, Associate Professor of the Department of Oil and Gas Business, Standardisation and Metrology, OmSTU.

Now the project team is developing an application with the help of which it is possible not only to control the movement and include ready-made scenarios, but also to create your own movements and sequence of commands even without programming knowledge. A special mode will be available for this purpose.





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