Russia’s leading state news agency celebrates 119 years since its foundation



Russia’s leading state news agency celebrates 119 years since its foundation

TV BRICS International Media Network on TASS’ birthday emphasised the importance of the agency’s interaction with the media of the BRICS countries⁠

The country’s first official news agency TASS was founded on 1 September 1904 as the St. Petersburg Telegraph Agency (SPTA). In 1925, the central information body was named the Telegraph Agency of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (TASS). In the 1990s, the Russian news agency retained the abbreviation TASS as a globally recognised and authoritative brand.

Today, TASS daily produces about three thousand materials in all official UN languages – Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, Spanish and Chinese. The agency provides 70 newswires and thematic services. TASS has dozens of outlets in different constituent regions of Russia, which makes it possible to quickly and accurately cover the events taking place in the country. The news agency plays an important role in Russia’s media space, being one of the key sources of news and analyses.

TV BRICS cooperates with TASS in covering leading events on the international agenda, such as the BRICS summit, BRICS Media Forum, Russia-Africa summit, SPIEF and others. TV BRICS and TASS are members of the SDG Media Compact, a special UN project to promote the Sustainable Development Goals.

TV BRICS editorial staff has access to TASS closed feeds on topics related to Asia-Pacific region, environment and business, culture, which allows them to receive news content in a timely manner. The use of TASS news in TV BRICS news feeds helps promote Russia’s agenda in the global space through TV BRICS’ partner media network of over 50 leading foreign media outlets.





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