What is going to change in the Russian Federation from 1 September?



What is going to change in the Russian Federation from 1 September?

In September 2023, several new rules and laws will come into effect

Introduction of federal basic educational standards

From 1 September this year, Russian schools will introduce federal basic educational standards (FBES), aimed at unifying the programmes of individual subjects. In the near future, educational institutions will have a unified sequence for studying subjects. In addition, the “gold standard” of children’s education implies a level below which schools cannot provide knowledge to a child regardless of where he or she studies.

Since the beginning of the academic year, the silver medal, or the medal ” for special achievements in studies” of the II degree, will also return. It will be awarded to graduates of schools for two marks “good” and the rest “excellent” in the certificate. Another innovation is that from 1 September schools will offer career guidance. Relevant classes will be held for pupils of the sixth grade and above.

Tougher fines for motorists

From the beginning of September in Russia will expand the list of faults for which car drivers can be fined. Fines will be issued to car owners who use winter studded tyres in summer. According to the new rules, this type of tyres cannot be used from June to August. Sanctions may be imposed in the opposite case. In addition, it is forbidden to drive with worn tyres. From now on, it will not be allowed to use light sources in headlights that do not meet the requirements specified in the operational documentation.

In addition, there is a ban on the installation of items that potentially limit the driver’s view, such as tablets and oversized video recorders.

New rules for the sale of prescription drugs

With the arrival of autumn, pharmacies in the Russian Federation will be obliged to enter prescription details into the “Chestnyy znak” system (national system of product labelling and traceability) during the sale of prescription drugs. From now on, all information on prescriptions for discount medicines and drugs dispensed remotely must be entered into the monitoring system. It will be impossible to sell potent, poisonous, psychotropic and narcotic drugs without presenting an official form with a number and stamp.

Additional holiday for parents of disabled children

On 1 September, a new law will come into force in Russia, giving parents, as well as guardians and custodians of disabled children the right to an additional 24 consecutive paid days off. Before the law came into force, parents could only take four additional paid days off per month. If these days were not used, they were not carried over to the next month – they were burnt off.

Strengthening control over taxis

In each constituent entity of the Russian Federation from 1 September three registers will work: carriers, cars and ordering services. Information from these resources will be entered into the federal state information system of light taxis. Thus, state control over taxi services will be strengthened. The new law makes them liable for causing harm to the life, health and property of a passenger.

Now, persons who have been repeatedly deprived of their licences, as well as those who have not passed the city knowledge test, will not be allowed to drive a taxi. In addition, persons with unexpunged or unexpunged convictions for serious offences will not be allowed to drive taxis. Arrest for administrative offences in the field of traffic will also not allow to become a taxi driver in the future.

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