Sao Paulo leads Brazil in agricultural exports

In the last 11 months, Sao Paulo’s agro-industry has reached an outstanding milestone, increasing exports by US$25 billion and demonstrating significant resilience and adaptability.

This growth indicates the strong recovery and development of the sector.

An analysis of exports shows that the Sao Paulo sugar-alcohol complex leads with revenues of US$9.33 billion. It is followed by soya, meat, and juice products. These data show the diversity and productivity of the sector.

Despite a slight decrease in imports (1.1 per cent), Sao Paulo’s agribusiness shows resilience. Nationally, its contribution to Brazil’s total agribusiness exports is 16.5 per cent.

In addition, the state’s dominance in certain categories, such as juices and the sugar-alcohol complex, reflects its strategic position in the global market.

The success of this sector supports the local economy and plays a crucial role in Brazil’s overall economic growth. This is reported by
The Rio Times.




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