The most desired gifts for Russians for the New Year

New Year’s Eve is a special holiday for Russians. On this day, citizens gather with family and friends, share joy, fun and hope for a better future. One of the most important parts of this holiday are the gifts.

A poll launched by, in which 9.6 thousand people took part, showed that what Russians want most of all for New Year’s Eve is money.


travelling – 22%;

equipment and electronics – 12%; (car DVRs, smart watches, laptops, phones, smart speakers, etc.)

concert or theatre tickets – 9%;

household goods and jewellery – 6% (for girls it can be an organiser for make-up and jewellery, home decor, tableware, etc.).

Gifts in the form of gift vouchers and cosmetics/perfumes received 4% of the votes each. The remaining 5% chose food or clothes and shoes.

Other popular gifts could be books, computer games or sports equipment, depending on each person’s interests and hobbies.

What should you pay attention to when choosing gifts: aesthetics, practicality or emotions?

In an exclusive commentary for TV BRICS, Nikolay Petrov, a member of the Youth Parliament at the State Duma of the Russian Federation, shared what is the most important part of a gift:

“When choosing gifts for the New Year, Russians often favour emotional meaning and practicality. The tradition of giving gifts for the New Year is deeply rooted in emotional ties and caring for loved ones. Practicality is also important, as Russians tend to appreciate useful gifts that can be integrated into everyday life. While aesthetics may play a role when choosing gifts, the emotional significance and practical usefulness of the gift are usually of greater importance in Russian gift-giving culture.”

Ultimately, the choice of gift depends on each person’s individual preferences and interests.

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