Saudi Arabia launches training programme to develop space industry



Saudi Arabia launches training programme to develop space industry

University graduates and specialists are attracted to the training courses

Saudi authorities have launched the Madarik education programme to develop national capabilities in the space sector. The training plan was developed in partnership with Al-Yamama University in Riyadh and other international institutions. This is reported by Arab News.

The initiative aims to train subject matter experts from different fields to develop the space sector. The face-to-face courses will take place from May to August in Riyadh and Jeddah, but registered participants in all parts of the Kingdom will be able to attend virtually.

The government said recent graduates and professionals selected for the programme will join one of three specialised tracks.

The space data and software track is aimed at people specialising in computer science, data science, data engineering and cybersecurity. The space engineering course is aimed at those who already have qualifications in engineering disciplines.

Candidates for the Madarik programme must be subjects of Saudi Arabia, hold at least a bachelor’s degree, be proficient in English and meet certain other requirements.





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