South Africa adjusts its minimum wage



South Africa adjusts its minimum wage

This is a long-awaited increase from R25,42 to R27,58

The annual adjustment to the national minimum wage (NMW) for 2024 came into effect on Friday, 1 March.

This is an increase from R25.42 per hour (US$1.34) to R27.58 per hour (US$1.46), or 8.5 per cent.

Workers in agriculture, housekeeping, construction, retail, hospitality, transport, security and cleaning will particularly benefit.

It is expected to reach R30 (US$1,58) per hour by 2025.

Wages for domestic and agricultural workers have increased from R15 and R18 in 2019 respectively and are now equal to the NMW. This is an impressive increase of 84% for domestic workers and 65% for farm workers over the last four years. This is reported by
Pretoria News, a partner of TV BRICS.

A roadmap is being worked on with the Department of Public Works and Infrastructure to ensure that Extended Public Works and Community Work Programme (CWP) workers also reach the NMW.

The Employment Equity Amendment Act came into force in 2023, requiring any company doing business with the state to comply with the Employment Equity and National Minimum Wage Acts.





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