South African scientists announce discovery of new species of African frog



South African scientists announce discovery of new species of African frog

This is the first discovery of this kind in the last hundred years

The new species, which has been named pyxicephalus beytelli, lives in north-eastern Namibia, southern Angola, south-western Zambia and north-western Botswana.

Its impressive size and unique characteristics fascinate herpetologists. Pyxicephalus beytelli was named in honour of the late Ben Beytell, a prominent Namibian wildlife conservationist. This is reported by
Pretoria News, a partner of TV BRICS.

Decorated in yellow and lime green hues, with blue spots and a distinctive white vertebral line, the frog has outstanding features including a menacing appearance and slanted teeth, as well as prominent bony protrusions on the lower jaw indicating a strong bite.

Professor Louis Du Preez, who met this species of frog 12 years ago and sensed its uniqueness, stressed that he and his colleagues are eager to learn more about the new species’ eating habits. Bullfrogs have a varied diet that includes mice, small birds, snakes, insects and other frogs. It was only after a recent study commissioned by the Namibia Nature Foundation that the species was officially recognised and compared to all known bullfrog species.

The discovery of Pyxicephalus beytelli has been delayed due to its remote habitat and difficulties in accessing these regions.

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