The BRICS Friendship Forum DRUZHBA was opened in India



The BRICS Friendship Forum DRUZHBA was opened in India

The forum was created in connection with Russian chairmanship in BRICS in 2024

On 22 January, the new BRICS Forum DRUZHBA was opened in the Indian city of Trivandrum.

Former Indian Ambassador Pundi Srinivasan Raghavan inaugurated the forum. In his speech, he said that in the current geopolitical situation, BRICS enlargement can play an important role in creating a new world order. This is reported by the Russian House in Trivandrum.

As part of the event, an exhibition of paintings by Kalesh Kala was inaugurated to explore the culture, history and traditions of the BRICS member countries. The paintings depict landscapes, architecture and famous personalities of the BRICS countries, including Leo Tolstoy, Mahatma Gandhi, Alexander Pushkin and Nelson Mandela.

The forum was initiated by Ratish Nair, Director of the Russian House and Russian Consul in Trivandrum.

“The event will be a platform to promote people-to-people diplomacy as well as to create awareness about the trade opportunities of the member countries of the association. We see Russia’s chairmanship of BRICS as an opportunity to convey the importance of strengthening ties not only in trade but also in culture and regional co-operation among the member countries,” – Nair said.

Photo: Russian House in Trivandrum




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