UAE authorities aim to label as many trees as possible



UAE authorities aim to label as many trees as possible

The emirate of Abu Dhabi is looking to preserve its natural heritage

The Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi (EAD) has announced the expansion of its plant labelling programme, as reported
ANI, a partner of TV BRICS. The emirate’s authorities plan to cover all trees in Abu Dhabi’s wild habitats and nature reserves.

The initiative is a collaborative effort with the agency’s strategic partners to protect Abu Dhabi’s natural heritage and strengthen the emirate’s position as a leader in environmental protection.

The agency intends to tag 100,000 trees, including species such as ghaf, samar and cider trees that grow naturally in wild habitats and protected areas.

The programme will be expanded to include plants in city parks, urban areas and along roadsides through the Department of Municipalities and Transport’s (DMT) tree tagging initiative.

Plants in Abu Dhabi are threatened not only by the effects of climate change, resulting in a significant reduction in rainfall, but also by the illegal cutting and defacement of trees. The emirate’s authorities have previously introduced administrative fines for encroaching on local natural sites.





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