Volunteers of the Russian Language Ambassadors programme organised an expedition to Uzbekistan



Volunteers of the Russian Language Ambassadors programme organised an expedition to Uzbekistan

Students and schoolchildren are introduced to Russian culture and traditions

Volunteers of the programme “Russian Language Ambassadors” organised another expedition abroad, this time they held classes in educational institutions of Uzbekistan – in the cities of Samarkand, Denau and Fergana. The expedition members familiarise students and schoolchildren with Russian culture and traditions.

The classes are conducted by two groups of volunteers of the programme “Russian Language Ambassadors in the World”. The project of the Pushkin State Russian Language Institute is implemented in the interests of promoting the Russian language, Russian education and science both abroad and in Russia. Eurasia Today and TV BRICS are the programme’s media partners.

Two experienced ambassadors, Idelia Akhmetshina and Olga Solovey, are currently in Denau. Under the guidance of Ekaterina Shevchenko, Deputy Director of the Centre for Linguodidactics, Language Testing and Migration Policy Assistance, volunteers have already organised meetings with students of the Denau Institute of Entrepreneurship and Pedagogy. The girls spoke about their hometowns Kazan and Syktyvkar, worked with the students on diction and pronunciation with the help of cursive phrases, and held a quiz on unusual facts about Russia.

One of the areas of the programme is also introducing the volunteers to the sights and customs of the host countries. In Uzbekistan, the ambassadors visited the Said Atalyk madrasa, a mausoleum in Surkhandarya region, and saw the beautiful Sangardak mountain waterfall. “Since 2015 I have dreamed of going on an expedition to Uzbekistan, and now the dream has come true! This is an amazing country with a rich history, unique architecture, its customs and traditions,” Idelia Akhmetshina shared her emotions.

In Fergana, volunteers will hold lessons for students of Fergana State University and pupils of School No. 10, as well as children from School No. 6 in Margilan. The lessons are held in a game form – they are various quests, masterclasses and creative tasks. Their preparation takes into account the level of Russian language skills.

The educational project “Ambassadors of the Russian Language in the World” is realised with the support of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation. Volunteers, students, postgraduates and young professionals aged 18 to 35 are selected and trained under a special programme, including methods of teaching Russian as a foreign language, pedagogy, game-techniques, basics of diplomacy and other disciplines. Over the eight years of the project, more than 48,000 people from 19 countries from near and far abroad have taken part in it.





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