The winter parliamentary session begins in India



The winter parliamentary session begins in India

On 4 December, 19 bills were discussed in Parliament

The legislature will discuss new laws and amendments such as appointment, terms and conditions of service and tenure of officials and interim tax collection in 2023 till 22 December. This is reported by
Prensa Latina, a partner of TV BRICS.

During the 15 sessions, the first batch of supplementary grant applications for 2023-2024 will be discussed.

Ahead of the commencement, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi emphasised the importance of the parliamentary session for the country’s development.

Speaking to reporters outside the Parliament House, Modi urged all lawmakers to participate in the discussions with utmost readiness to hold extended debates on any bill to be introduced in the House.

He said empowerment of women, youth and farmers is the key to a bright future for the nation.

The central government emphasised its readiness to debate on all issues.





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