Traditional Christmas dishes of Brazil and their origins

In Brazil, the Christmas meal is a special event that brings families together. The Christmas specialities of this South American country have a peculiar origin, linked to the colonial past of the state and Portuguese cuisine. They are an important part of the country’s Christmas tradition and bring relatives together during the festivities.

What place do traditions occupy among Brazilians

Traditions play an important role in Brazilian society and are important to Brazilians of all ages – especially when it comes to Christmas and New Year’s celebrations.

Young people in Brazil also value and respect their national traditions. They often take an active part in festive events such as concerts, parades, dances and sporting events associated with Christmas celebrations. The young people enjoy participating in cooking Christmas food and decorating houses.

In addition, young people in Brazil are actively involved in passing on traditions to the next generations. Some young Brazilians also take an interest in the historical and cultural aspects of their native country, exploring them and participating in various traditional events and customs.

What Christmas dishes are sure to be present on the holiday table in every Brazilian family

In Brazil, Christmas dishes can vary depending on the region and family traditions. However, there are a few absolute favourites that are a must on the Christmas table in many Brazilian families.

Peru de Natal – roast turkey – is the centerpiece of the Christmas meal in Brazil. It is often cooked with a variety of sauces and garnishes.

Bacalhau is salted cod, which is also a traditional Brazilian dish at Christmas. It can be prepared in a variety of dishes, such as pies or fish patties.

Rabanada is the Brazilian version of the French dessert “Pomade”. It is usually sliced bread soaked in egg, fried and sprinkled with icing sugar and cinnamon.

Farofa is a dish made from roasted cassava (pumpkin flour) with spices, butter, nuts, fruits or other ingredients. It is a popular side dish for the Christmas table.

Carpa – At Christmas in Brazil, carp is traditionally served, which can be fried, baked or prepared in other ways.

Of course, Christmas menus can vary depending on the family’s tastes and preferences, but the above dishes are the foundation of a traditional Christmas meal in Brazil.

The article was provided by cultural analyst Anna Osadchaya.




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