Vladimir Putin: BRICS is a magnet that attracts many countries



Vladimir Putin: BRICS is magnet that attracts many countries

The Russian president spoke about the birth and development of the alliance

The BRICS alliance has become a really powerful organisation, Russian President Vladimir Putin said during a talk with participants of the World Youth Festival (WYF). This is reported by the official
website of the President of the Russian Federation.

“Today it is an impressive, serious association, a magnet that attracts many countries of the world. Indeed, there are more and more of them”

Vladimir Putin Russian President


He recalled that the idea of the alliance originated in Russia.

“At one time, at one of the international events, I proposed to our Chinese and Indian friends to meet the three of us. This is how the RIC alliance came into being: Russia, India, China. Then Brazil joined – BRIC. Then South Africa – BRICS,” the President said.

The official date of BRICS creation is 16 June 2009. On that day the first summit of the BRIC countries started in Ekaterinburg. In April 2011, South Africa joined the alliance. On 1 January 2024, Egypt, Ethiopia, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Iran joined the alliance.

Photo: screenshot of the live broadcast of the President’s meeting with the WYF participants




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